Every woman deserves body positivity: to feel confident in her clothing, but especially her workout clothing. When you’re at the gym, running, or even just lounging at home, you deserve to look and feel sexy and confident.

There’s nothing worse than going to the gym as a plus size woman and feeling self-conscious about your body or your sports clothes.

It’s time to change that and bring body positivity to all shapes and sizes.

No More Fear About Not Looking Good In Sport Clothes

For some reason, people still have a negative perception of curvy women – believing they don’t work out, or just need to eat less. This can make you feel embarrassed or ashamed to go workout in your sports clothes.

But the truth is that every body is beautiful!

The problem isn’t with your body – it’s with society’s misunderstandings and inability to design appropriate plus size sportswear.

You need an outfit that makes you feel sexy and will empower you to want to go to the gym.

You need sports clothes that inspire body positivity.

While Going to the Gym Can Be Stressful For Plus Size Women, Finding The Right Workout Clothes Should Not!

But why is finding the right plus size sportswear so stressful? Too transparent. Too tight. Too ugly. Too baggy. Too nondurable.

Finding great workout clothes for plus sized women should not be like hunting for a needle in a haystack!

That’s exactly what our founder Kanessa thought when she launched a line of sportswear for curvy ladies so they have something to make them feel confident in the gym.

Imagine Feeling Good And Being Fit When You Are Plus Size

What would feeling good in your workout clothes mean to you? Would it mean that you finally sign up for that gym membership? Would it mean that you try a new sport? Take a new class? Or join your friends for a workout?

Well, with Kanessa plus size sportswear, you have functional, durable, and attractive workout clothing options.

Our clothing is made different. The leggings have drawstrings to prevent sagging and allow you to adjust them as you lose or gain weight. Our fabric is double-layered so that you have full coverage: it’s even squat proof. Plus, we reinforce our inner thigh stitches for extra durability and to reduce wear and tear.

Even after years of heavy use, your Kanessa plus size sportswear will stay strong, so you can get stronger in style.

You deserve to feel good, confident and fit in your plus size sportswear because it’s not just about the clothes – it’s about the confidence you have in them.

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