With more brands implementing affiliate marketing in their strategies for making their products readily available to the public, there is a high demand for the best practices. Since the traditional methods of marketing have slowly given way for internet-based marketing, affiliates are the next best thing to reaching a larger audience without legal issues.

Affiliate marketing is straightforward and a much easier way to save money while earning more revenue in return. In this article, we shall discuss what affiliate marketing entails and what to expect in 2022. But first, what is affiliate marketing?

A Summary of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing entails an affiliate earning a commission for marketing an individual’s or brand’s products. If you are an affiliate, all you need to do is promote and sell a product, and you will be entitled to a commission. This marketing strategy is largely beneficial to both parties because you or the brand do not need to invest a lot of capital. Think about it, you would usually need to purchase a large number of items from a wholesaler to retail comfortably. However, in this case, you can sell directly from the source.

Also, another reason why affiliate marketing is employed by so many brands is your ability to reach a larger audience. And factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic have increased online purchasing significantly. According to research, the annual spending from the audience is projected to reach at least $8.2 billion by 2022. This is a major increase from the $5.4 billion recorded in 2017. With a steady growth projection, it’s no surprise that many brands are looking forward to the future of this industry.

Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2022

Before we delve into what you can look forward to in affiliate marketing by 2022, it’s somewhat necessary to understand how much change has occurred already. Social media has made affiliate marketing easier because more brands can partner with different types of bloggers. Plus, there are so many ways you can decide to earn as an affiliate.

You can market the product of other brands and individuals via a blog, email marketing, YouTube, Instagram, and so many others. Also, the process is a lot more sophisticated compared to before, which means more brands are focusing on quality over commercializing their products. Nevertheless, being knowledgeable about the next set of trends that will be beneficial to you is key.

Below are some of the affiliate marketing trends that you should focus on in 2022;

Influencers Will Continue to be Effective

Influencers will continue to play a crucial role in affiliate marketing because they offer a more relatable approach to educating an audience about a product. Hence, an audience is more likely to trust an influencer compared to a television or billboard ad. Influencer marketing is necessary because of engagement with followers, which will encourage consumer loyalty.

Now more than ever, you need influencers within your niche. And with the availability of micro and macro influencers, you can find the best affiliates in your niche based on your budget.

Understanding your Audience Helps with Trust

Getting a better understanding of your audience, their culture and expectations are one of the most effective ways to market your product. This strategy is especially important with the influencer or affiliates you choose to promote your product. Hence, it’s essential for you to pick an affiliate that can communicate the value of your products in a manner that is relatable.

Choosing affiliates with trusted voices that are already reaching your audience is ideal for better impact.

Video Marketing is more Appealing to Consumers

Video marketing is one of the most convincing ways to showcase your products to your audience. Whether it’s tutorial videos or just consumers explaining reviews, it is engaging and effective for brand loyalty. Research shows that about 84% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. 

So, you can start by creating short explainer videos and educating your audience about your brand’s products. Social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are especially great for these videos. You can then share them on the different platforms your brand is available in.

Third-party Cookies are Slowly Becoming Extinct

Third-party cookies are typically used to help platforms track the online presence of consumers. That helps with suggesting a specific niche for consumers based on their interests. That way brands can easily understand customer behavior and expectations. However, all of this is about to change by 2022.

Google Chrome, which is responsible for almost 70% of web usage has announced its plans of blocking all third-party tracking cookies by 2022. Also, Apple is currently making the tracking by cookies optional based on the choices of users. All of these will make it harder for brands to gather the data needed to make strategic marketing. Nevertheless, there will be other ways you can collect data for marketing to your audience.

Automation Tools will Always be Essential

Effective management is an important part of affiliate marketing and automation tools are the best options to execute different tasks. Whether you need to collect data, measure campaign performance, provide support, or manage payments, automation tools simplify the entire process. Aside from getting all your tasks done effortlessly, automation tools also help with flexibility.

With automation tools, you can create time to complete other tasks, which means better productivity.


Diversifying is another trend that many brands will likely give a try in the future. You can sell multiple products and appeal to several audiences in affiliate marketing. However, this process may cause lower sales because there will likely be higher competition in different niches. Nevertheless, partnering with affiliates and learning more about the needs of your audiences can be beneficial.


Online spending has grown exponentially over the years which has made the affiliate marketing industry worth billions of dollars. With more brands looking to market their products to a larger audience, the future of affiliate marketing is an important conversation. By 2022, ad revenue for affiliate marketing will increase by virtue of the increased use of the internet. A combination of automation tools is the best way to handle different tasks. Another popular trend for brands to experiment with in the future is diversification. With greater flexibility, you will have more time to devote to other activities.

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